How to Choose the Right Payment Terminal? 

How to Choose the Right Payment Terminal? 

How to Choose the Right Payment Terminal? 

Posted on 03/01/2023

Choosing the right payment terminal that is the right fit for your business needs is a critical step for all business owners that can help you minimize costs, upgrade customer experience and boost your profits. With so many options available, it can be confusing for the less savvy and it’s important to have some knowledge about it before making the decisions


1.  The types of payment terminals

The main types of payment terminals are generally: 

  • Traditional/countertop terminals: They are very popular and mostly used for “Card Present” transactions in retails or restaurants as the card is swiped or inserted in the terminal. In some cases, they can also be used for “Card Not Present” transactions as the card information can be keyed in the terminal in order to process the sale.
  • Virtual terminals: They are indispensable for merchant who wish to accept payments online or over the phone. They are web-based applications that allow you to enter credit card details manually via the Internet. This solution enables you to take a payment over the phone or in person from your computer without a card reader
  • Mobile terminals: They are very useful small devices that you plug in or connect to your smartphone, allowing you to accept payment anywhere by tapping, swiping or inserting credit cards.


2.  Ensure that your payment terminal is compatible

As a merchant, you should always make sure your payment terminal is compatible with all the softwares used in your business (Gateway, Point of sales, Quickbooks, etc). You will avoid technical difficulties in the long-term that could cost you delays in your payment and missed sales.


3.  Decide which connection type is the best for your terminal 

Another important thing to consider when choosing the right payment terminal is what method is available for the terminal to communicate with your processor. Although most of them are still equipped with modems and use an analog phone line to transmit transaction information, that is no longer the preferred connection type for payment terminals. 

These days, a hardwire internet connection is strongly suggested due to the speed and reliability it provides. However, terminals equipped with wireless technology such as WiFi and cellular service also work well and should be considered if a hardwire internet connection is unavailable.


4.  Additional features 

The days of just swiping a credit card through a payment terminal are far away from being a thing of the past. In the past 10 years, debit transactions have become more popular and cardholders are even more demanding in terms of features and customer experience. There are several additional features that you should consider adding to your classic payment terminal such as contactless payments (Apple pay, Google Pay, Paypal, etc.), additional transaction types (EBT, Gift cards, etc.), tip’s option, custom receipt with logo, signature, and many more. 


At TCB Pay, we have a wide range of payment terminals from the classic standalone to the most sophisticated ones. From retails, E-commerces to Moto (Mail Order Telephone Order), we have the best solutions that will fit your business needs. 


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