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5 Must Watch TV Shows & Movies There is no doubt that the entrepreneurial world has always been a source for inspiration in the Hollywood industry now more than ever. In the last decades films, TV series and reality TV shows have been created based on the real life of average people who had an idea and a vision to solve a problem or improve something.    Here is a list of Gaetan’s (Customer's Service Rep.) favorite TV shows, which he finds personally inspirational.  1.     Dynasty  2.     Silicon Valley 3.     Tech Stars 4.     Undercover Boss 5.     Shark Tank   Discover 5 inspiring movies for entrepreneurs:  1.     The Wolf of Wall Street 2.     The Social Network 3.     The Found " [ … ]
If you own a business that accept credit cards, or have been dealing with payment processing, you must have heard the terms PCI DSS and PCI Compliance more than once. While it can be  " [ … ]
Whether or not you are a business owner, payment processing industry terms may be quite challenging to understand. While it always comes handy when dealing with payment processors or banks, the ter " [ … ]
When it comes to payment processing, being a high-risk business can be very difficult, especially in the fast-paced digital era we are living in. If being profitable, handling transactions, es " [ … ]
Choosing the right payment terminal that is the right fit for your business needs is a critical step for all business owners that can help you minimize costs, upgrade customer experience and boost " [ … ]
To celebrate the holidays, we are proud to announce the creation of our blog: TCB News’Payper!   From now on, you are going to hear from us every week. Our blog is going to be fi " [ … ]
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