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When it comes to payment processing, being a high-risk business can be very difficult, especially in the fast-paced digital era we are living in. If being profitable, handling transactions, especially online can be hard for businesses, it can be even harder when it comes to be labeled as high risk.    1)  What is a High-Risk Business?   The risk is the probability of any negative occurrence, that is caused by internal of external factors to happen, and that may be avoided by preemptive actions. In the payment processing industry, risk is mostly calculated in terms of frauds and chargebacks. The more your business is likely to experience credit cards frauds and chargebacks, the higher it’s risk level will be.    2)  What makes my business “high risk”?   Most of the factors associated with being a high-risk business are related to either fraud level or chargeback ration, here&r " [ … ]
Choosing the right payment terminal that is the right fit for your business needs is a critical step for all business owners that can help you minimize costs, upgrade customer experience and boost " [ … ]
To celebrate the holidays, we are proud to announce the creation of our blog: TCB News’Payper!   From now on, you are going to hear from us every week. Our blog is going to be fi " [ … ]
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